STS Coordinator

Assisting Charterers with co-ordinating
vessel’s STS operations

Inward/outward clearance
for vessels calling STS

Obtaining quotations for
Charterers' consideration

Reporting of operation

Bill of Lading Issuance (B/L)

Arranging of Marine Advisor
for deep draft vessels
navigating Malacca Straits

STS Costings

There are 2 components of STS Costs

Port Dues

  • Applicable to both respective mother/daughter vessel calling STS anchorage for STS operation. Most Charter Parties outlines such port dues are for charterers’ account and will be settled directly by them.
  • Most of the time, STS service provider will bill respective vessel’s ship agent the port dues. This port dues will then be billed by agent to charterer.

STS Marine Fee

Will cover the following services:

  • Fenders
  • Hoses
  • Mooring Master
  • Tug boats for mooring/unmooring

A lump sum rate for the first 48 hour; upon exceeding a fixed rate multiplied by number of hours exceeded shall apply.

This STS Marine Fee is at times borne by cargo supplier, at times cargo receiver, at times split 50-50, basis counterparty commercial terms of sale. 

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