Singapore Port Key Locations

Pilot Stations

  • Vessels approaching Singapore from the West (Straits of Malaysia), pilot will board from:

    Pilot Western Boarding Ground A (PWBGA: 01° 12.027′ N 103° 39.481’E)

  • From the East (South China Sea), pilot will board from:

    Pilot Eastern Boarding Ground C (PEBGC: 01° 15.885′ N 103° 57.834’E)

  • Due to constant port congestion, all movement by ocean-going vessels in port requires pilotage.

For awaiting berthing in port

  • Jurong Island houses the majority of the petroleum and petrochemical refineries/terminals in Singapore.

  • Tug Boat Base is located nearby West Cost Pier. The proximity between terminal jetty where vessel is berthing and the tug boat base will determine how much travelling time is incurred in towage bill.

  • Senoko Power Station is located north of Singapore, close to Woodlands Causeway. While shifting from anchorage, a designated pilot will board vessel at East Johor Straits Boarding Ground before proceeding to Johor Straits en route to Senoko.

  • Tuas Power Station is located west of Singapore Main Island.

  • Singapore Lube Park is located west of Singapore Main Island.

  • Pulau Busing & Bukom houses Tankstore Terminal and Shell Refinery respectively.

  • Pulau Sebarok houses both Vopak Sebarok Terminal and Pulau Sebarok Terminal.