Singapore Port Anchorages

The anchorages in Singapore port are segmented by vessels’ sizes

For awaiting berthing in port

  1. Petroleum Tankers <10,000 GRT: s/n 19 Western Petroleum A Anchorage (AWPA)

    This is the only anchorage not serviced by the Immigrations Checkpoint Authority. Hence if immigration is COB (Clearance on board), vessel will proceed tos/n 17 Western Quarantine and Immigration Anchorage (AWQI) first for immigration officer to clear vessel prior proceeding to AWPA

  2. Petroleum Tankers >10,000 GRT:s/n 21 Western Petroleum B Anchorage (AWPB)

    Short Range up till Panamax/LRl

  3. Petroleum Tankers > 50,000 GRT:s/n 13 Eastern Petroleum A Anchorage (AEPA)

    Aframax/LR2 and above

    In the past Aframax(s) were able to anchor at s/n 28 Sudong Special Purpose Anchorage (ASSPU) to await berthing in the west. However due to congestion, port master currently stipulates Aframax vessels may only anchor at ASSPU for inward immigration clearance provided direct berthing (<18hrs) to terminal on arrival Singapore. <18hrs awaiting time also applies to vessels whilst shifting in between berths

  4. Petroleum Tankers> 75,000 GRT arriving Singapore for cargo operations:s/n 32 Very Large Crude Carrier Anchorage (AVLCC)

    Also applicable to fully laden Suezmax(s)

  5. Chemical Tankers that do not have safety hazard cargo on board as listed in chapter 17 of the IBC Code:s/n 10 Eastern Special Purposes “A” Anchorage

    Height <49m

  6. LNG/LPG/Laden Chemical Tankers:s/n 28 Sudong Special Purpose Anchorage

    The only anchorage these tankers may anchor at in Singapore whether for awaiting berthing or owners matters

3 designated bunkering anchorages in port

In the east:

• s/n 4 Eastern Bunkering A Anchorage (AEBA)

• s/n 5 Eastern Bunkering B Anchorage (AEBB)

• s/n 11 Eastern Bunkering C Anchorage (AEBC)

Most vessels anchored at above locations are for 24 hours or less as first day port dues: GRT/100 x SGDl.00. Hence owners capitalize on this MPA concession by bunkering and/or conducting owners matters within a day’s period. Port dues is computed per 24 hours. It begins from the time vessel drops anchor in port and ends when departure pilot is on board.

Immigration Procedure in Port

  1. 2 types in Singapore:

    Clearance on Board

    Advance Immigration Clearance

  2. Clearance on Board (COB):

    Inward clearance by immigration officer at anchorage is required for vessels proceeding to berth in Singapore. On arrival, vessel will first anchor for immigration officer to board prior berthing at terminal/shipyard.

    Occasionally there will be random COB outward clearance which are random checks by ICA.

  3. Advance Immigration (Departure) Clearance (AIC/ADIC):

    Subject to Immigration Authority; no physical boarding by immigration officer

    Usually applied to vessels’ arrival and departure, those calling Singapore for bunkers/owners matters

    Usually applied to vessels sailing straight out of port after unberthing from terminal