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Seamaritime Agency Pte Ltd


From the days of telex machines to today’s ease of satellite email, Seamaritime has adjusted readily to the ever changing world of shipping.

Presently, Seamaritime serves a wide range of ship owners as charterers nominated agents (cargo operations), and for owners’ related matters in port. Our principals entrust us with their vessels and this relationship is very much appreciated and not taken for granted. Seamartime Agency will continuously search for new and innovative ways to do what we do best, better!


PT.SAS Gramarindo Utama


PT.SAS Gramarindo Utama is a company registered in Indonesia, providing industrial shipping for liquid, gas and dry bulk cargoes and cargo as well as marine off-shore support services. PT. SAS Gramarindo Utama is one of the Shipping Agency companies in Indonesia. As a multi-service provider, we offer a full range of services that shipping agency. As a successful Logistics Service Provider, we provide freight forwarding services for Sea freight.


JNJ Shipping Co.,Ltd


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Maritime Network SDN BHD


MARITIME NETWORK SDN BHD was formed on 8th of October 2002 and officially started operations on Febuary 2003. The objective of forming Maritime Network is to cater to the growing demand of charterers and ship owners wanting to have a dedicated and cost effective shipping agents to ensure smooth turn around of their vessels in port.


Malship (Ceylon) Limited

Established 1949

Malship (Ceylon) Limited is a pioneering shipping agency
company in Sri Lanka that represent many International Shipping Lines in the Conventional and Container Shipping business. With over 60 years of extensive experience in this field, we have
developed into a premier agency for shipping and logistics
services provider in Sri Lankan Ports and the Maldives.