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Dry Docking & Ship Repairs Services

Dry Docking & Ship
Repairs Services

Our overall goal is to provide Master a sense of assurance that his vessel and requirements are well taken care of whilst in port.

Liaising with Shipyard for vessel's berthing

Arranging de-slopping after tank cleaning prior vessel's entry to shipyard

Arranging gas free inspection by port chemist prior to shipyard entry (Tankers)

Pilot and tug boat arrangements

Owner's matters, crew change, accommodating and Master's requirements

Sourcing for competitive quotes for any other

Other Services

Drybulk / Container Agency

Drybulk / Container Agency

Loading and discharging of drybulk cargoes. Local and transshipment of containerised cargoes.
Collaborating with our sister company: ‘Sea Hawk Freight Pte Ltd’

NVOCC Service

Local and international transshipment of containerised cargos

Receiving spares & equipment via air/sea freight for delivery to vessel whilst calling Singapore

Cargo clearance permit declaration through Tradenet